Family Programs Mission: provide education, support and resources through community, state, and federal programs, to ensure service members, families, and veterans have the knowledge and resiliency to support mission readiness and retention.


Family Programs Feature Story

I love Vermont- I would not want to live anywhere else. But this past winter was LONG and I am looking forward to warmer, longer days in which to spend with family and friends. Additionally, the work front picks up momentum this time of year with the upcoming spring and summer events

in which Family Programs participates. This year we will also be supporting the families with Services Members headed to JRTC, it will be a hectic, busy few months. This time of year, more than any other makes me think of the Peaks and Valleys that are a part of life. There is no sharper change than from winter to spring; I definitely felt like it was the “valley” during this winter and am already, thankfully,

feeling the “peak” of spring.

I came across this great paragraph from a blog on cultivating spiritual presence:


The seasons of our path, with the rebirth of spring, the growth of summer, the inward turn of fall,

and treadmill of winter, come and go of their own accord, without a schedule. As we have seen, the

causes are complex and often indecipherable. It taxes our wisdom to do more than just muddle

through. (from:


Here at Family Programs, we want you to feel like you can do more than just muddle through or if you are feeling like you are experiencing one of life’s “valleys’, we can help. Our mental health counselor, Charlene Caiano is available to assist. Check out Military OneSource’s Health & Wellness Coaching at, contact Candice

Bryan-Broe or Michaela Lacoss to see about volunteering for your local Family Readiness Group (FRG). Contact information is located on the last page of this newsletter. We are here to assist you; just know here at Family Programs we all experience life’s peaks and valleys as well and we are here for you and your family.

Very Respectfully,
Dave Leonard

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret)

State Family Program Director