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Air Guard Feature Story

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We hope that you had a relaxing Thanksgiving with your friends and family. Thank you to those who took advantage of the Ft. Drum Commissary Sale in early November! The Vermont Sale is always successful, so taking advantage of it and shopping helps keep the sale coming. Vermont spent $37,000, with GREAT deals on their meat selections and other things!


Another busy year is winding down at the VTANG. We have seen a lot of construction on base preparing for the arrival of the F-35 in 2019. Many Airmen are in various locations training on the F-35.


A couple dozen airmen are deployed overseas, and many of our student flight are going through basic training and technical schools. 2019 will be busy as we will be saying goodbye to our F-16 and welcome the F-35.


December 13th is the 382nd Anniversary of the National Guard! The National Guard is the oldest component of the United States Armed Forces and one of the nation’s longest enduring institutions. Yes, you are part of something that dates back to 1636! So, happy birthday, National Guard! We salute you.


Here is hoping that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season from VTANG Airmen and Family Readiness! Thank you for all your service, whether you are a military member or family member.


Mary Mahoney

VTANG Airman and Family Readiness Manager