Vermont Veterans Outreach Mental Health Services are available to Vermont Veterans, Service Members and their families. This program offers short-term, private/confidential, non-medical counseling and psycho-education in
non-traditional settings to help veterans and their family members with such issues as deployment stress (family separations, reunions, and reintegration), marital/couple relationship issues, parenting and parent-child communications, and child behavioral concerns. These services are free, confidential and available to Veterans and families residing in Vermont.

Behavioral Health Services Feature Story

A Step-By-Step Resolution Guide

Come up with 3 to 5 Important, Realistic, and Achievable resolutions. See the following list of ideas:

What do you hope to achieve?

• A new skill you would like to learn?

• Problematic behaviors you would like to change?

• Attitudinal changes?

• Health and physical wellbeing modifications?

• Financial wellness adjustments?

• How can you improve your relationships?

Think in terms of the components of the resolution as opposed to the resolution in its entirety. For example, writing an article starts with the first paragraph.

Consider the steps to take to achieve each of your resolutions (baby steps): Using the former example, think of a title and then write down some ideas for the first paragraph.


Charlene Caiano

Military Family Life Counselor (contractor)