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Dear Vermont National Guard Members and Families,


This past October, the colors for fall foliage have been amazing! What we as Vermonters sometimes take for granted, people travel for hundreds and thousands of miles to see. It makes for longer wait times on weekend days, but I hope you all got out there to appreciate some of the unseasonably warmer weather we had towards the middle of last month.


Keeping with the theme of color, this issue I wanted to touch upon the color of your wardrobe when going on an interview or meeting with leadership. Before taking these suggestions, look into the culture of the company and what they do, as well as take into account the region where you live for regional dress cues. What works in a small factory Vermont will not work in a business setting in Silicon Valley. This is another example why doing research on the employer is vital to the job hunting process.


It has become the norm, even in professional business, that a traditional black suit is no longer the go-to for interviews. The only exception would be State or Federal Government work, or Fortune 500 Companies.


The popularity of social media has exploded and so has being an individual. The days of the cookie-cutter interview look are quickly vanishing. Employers are expecting a little uniqueness out of you. This will go a long way in them remembering you as well! Adding a grey, brown, navy blue, or maroon accent piece such as a blazer or shirt can look professional, but show that you are not afraid to break the mold! After researching the company and understanding the culture of the area, try a few new looks on for yourself before automatically relying on the outfit that hasn’t gotten you a

job yet!


All of my best,


Nicholas A. Thomas

Citizen Soldier for Life Career Readiness Counselor

Office: (802) 338-3709 Cell: (802) 310-5391



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