Family Assistance Centers (FAC) provide resource referral and support assistance to Service Members and their Families, of all military branches, throughout all cycles of deployment and levels of contingency mobilizations. FACs are a "One Stop Shop" of Local, State and Federal resources to provide outreach, coordination and support.

Family Assistance Center Feature Story

Annual Training is quickly approaching, now would be a good time to start preparing as this year’s training will be longer. As always there are a few things that should be completed prior to your departure as far as not only preparing yourselves, but also your families.

1. Financial: Make sure that if you are a single Soldier that you have a family member mother, father, sister brother who is going to assist in your financial responsibilities; i.e. making sure that your bills are paid or that your automatic payments are coming out at the appropriate time. If you are a married Soldier make sure that you, and your spouse talk about the finances and that your spouse has access to all accounts to ensure payments can be made on your behalf. Also, knowing that training is coming now would be a good time to start setting money aside to cover any incidentals that might come up upon your return. Please remember that we do have Personal Financial Counselor Susan Kelley-Outten on staff if you would like to speak to her in regards to budget planning.

2. Pet Care: If you have pets that will need care during your absence make sure that you have someone that is dependable, and willing to care for your beloved pet. Make sure the sitter has plenty of food, and has the emergency contact for the vet who cares for your pet in case of an emergency, and of course knows where all their favorite toys are! If you are not able to find someone to watch your pet begin looking into having them boarded at your local vet. If that is the case then make sure that you get an estimate of how much the boarding costs will be.

3. Emergency Contact information: This task should have been completed at your recent SRC. If it was not completed please make sure that you contact Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant Candice Bryan – Broe to ensure that they have a POC on file for you. Please remember that all Soldiers are required to have an Emergency POC and cannot opt out. When wellness calls are made during training only your POC can inform the FRG that they do not wish to be contacted for the remainder of the training.

This can be a hectic time for all but by completing these simple tasks prior to departure can help relieve the stress of the training not only on you, but your families as well.

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