Family Assistance Centers (FAC) provide resource referral and support assistance to Service Members and their Families, of all military branches, throughout all cycles of deployment and levels of contingency mobilizations. FACs are a "One Stop Shop" of Local, State and Federal resources to provide outreach, coordination and support.

Family Assistance Center Feature Story

Ever hear the expression “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. May is also

 the month of celebrating all of our wonderful Mothers and showing them appreciation. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of every May. The month of May in my home meant celebrating official Star Wars day. You have probably heard, “May the 4th be with you”. It is also my husband’s birthday so the day became an unofficial holiday. Costumes, parties, movie marathons, you name it. So no matter what you are celebrating, remember, on Mother’s Day, keep mom in mind, however, she may not want to watch eight Star Wars movies in a row.

Need some gifts ideas to brighten Mom’s day? Grab your military ID and get military discounts. There is a list of discounted ideas on and the locations offering military discounts: Flowers, Jewelry, Photographs, Homemade Gifts, Pampering, Clothing and Accessories, Home Décor, or a Night Out on the Town. In addition to getting a great deal on a gift the gift of spending quality time is also one of the best ideas for Mother’s Day.

By Sherri Prouty and Wendy Krapowicz