The Vermont Veterans Outreach Program staff have very diverse backgrounds and many of them have served in the different branches of the military. Their commonality is that they know what our veterans are facing every day. The Vermont Veterans Outreach Program has a proven track record in getting the job done helping our veterans receive the services they need and have earned for their service to our country.

Veteran Outreach Feature Story

A hot subject right now is the Burn Pit Registry! Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Freedom Sentinel, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn veterans and service members who have deployed to the Southwest Asia theater of operations on or after August 2, 1990 as well as those who have deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait or Djibouti after September 11, 2001 can use the registry questionnaire to report exposures to airborne hazards (such as smoke from burn pits, oil-well fires, or pollution during deployment); as well as other exposures and potentially linked health concerns. As a Veterans Outreach Specialist, I talk with many veterans and ask them: “Have you deployed? Have you registered with the VA? Did you register with the Burn Pit Registry yet?” The general response is “I thinks so, but am not sure.” Following up by checking the registry, most of the time I find out that they’re not registered.

You may not have any issues right now, but as years and decades go by something may happen and being proactive about registering can help you get the care and compensation you need and deserve. Agent Orange didn’t show any effect in the 60’s and 70’s but now, Agent Orange has been link to multiple illnesses and veterans are scrambling to get documentation for the VA to help them with their claim.

By registering with the VA and the Burn Pit you can save yourself a lot of grief and not have to worry about finding documentation. There is a person at Special Programs (Audrey 802-295-9363 ext 5909) that will help you and or walk you thru the application registry, if needed. Also you can go to the website ( If you want more information on registering or have questions concerning benefits give me a call and I’ll help you!

Dave Beaulieu

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